12 Quotes for Life Motivation | Inspirational Quotes with Images Captions & Thoughts

life motivation quotes
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12 Quotes for Life Motivation | Inspirational Quotes with Images Captions & Thoughts

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This page contains the best life motivational quotes with high-resolution images which are free to download. These quotes are really inspirational to keeps you motivate in different condition in your life. These quotes also work as life lessons, social media caption, team motivation and status as well. Enjoy the best and unique motivational quotes below:


“Not My Words, My Work will Inspires you.”

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motivational quotes of the day



“Value of diamond is always above than coal.”

life motivation quotes
life motivation quotes caption

“Become a example, NOt expalination.”

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life motivation quotes

“to reach pinackle, no matter where r u today, thing is what r u doing today.”

life motivational quotes
life motivation quotes

“when u r on top eveyone wants to join you only because it’s sweet, But struggle is Bitter, taste atleast.”

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“In the game of life, Be a winner, not player.

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best life motivation quotes captions

“Best Prepration for sucess, Start Enjoying your struggle.”

life motivation quotes on strong believe
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“Stick with your believes, because these are the only things which keeps you Motivated.”

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self-motivation quotes for life

“A Question to Myself – if I quit before end, then how will I win.”

“sucess is so far But i found my shortcut.”

If u proceed then u can, if u dream then u can’t.

“I Make MY own defination.”

About Motivation Quotes

The quotes you have just finished to read are new and unique which you can only get at shortquoteson.com. Being a human it is a very tough task to keep yourself motivated and in different situations of your life. But as per the psychology, there is two major way to keep a person motivated. Maybe they are you(yes to keep yourself motivated), your team member, your friends, family, colleagues and any other undefined known to you.

Yes, these two major ways are: internal way & external way and as you go with the name, I hope you understood, if not click here, but the best thing is these above motivational quotes work in both way, that’s why some say that motivational thoughts are an internal way of motivation and some say quotes on motivation are an external way of motivation. It upon you what you think about it. Let us know via comments sections.

Short Quotes On is the Best Website to find quotes on any topic you want and to make your conversation fruitfull through quotes and here we are adding new ideas every hour. NOTE: few quotes you find above are inspired from many sources If you find this useful make sure to share this on the platform you want and If you need quotes on anything comment section is open for you to ask us.

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