1. I Wish I Was with You Always.
  2. I Got You.
  3. I Don’t Want to Make Love, I Want to Rub My Soul Up Against Yours and Watch Love Between Us.
  4. You Smiled and I Become Obsessed with How Good It Looked on You.
  5. You’re My Forever and Always.
  6. It Aches to Miss You So Much and Not Being to Hug You.
  7. My Heart Is My Worst Enemy.
    Know Why?
    Because It Belongs to Me but It Seriously Beats for You.
  8. Seeing You Makes Me the Happiest Person Ever.
  9. Now That I Think About It, No One Like You Do.
  10. Your Hands Felt More Like Home Than My Actual One Ever Did.
  11. Wherever You Go, I’ll Be with You.
  12. It’s Always Been You. I’m in Love with You.
  13. My Heart Is Wherever You Are.
  14. Please Kiss Me Softly and Tell Me I’m Good Enough.
  15. You’ve Made Me Laugh in Ways I’ve Never Heard Myself Laugh.
  16. A City of Thousands, but I Still Only Wants You.
  17. I Love Taking to You More Than Anything in the World.
  18. When a Penguin Finds a Mate, They Stay with Them for the Rest of Their Life. Will You Be My Penguin?
  19. In Relationship Happiness Is Important. Not Just Your Loved Ones Too.
  20. To Make Difference in Someone’s Life, You Don’t Have Brilliant, Rich, Beautiful or Perfect.
  21. You Don’t Have to Care.
  22. I’m Much More Me When I’m with You.
  23. Nothing Will Ever Stop Me from Loving and Wanting You.
  24. I Have You, and That Makes Me Smile Every Time I Think About It.
  25. You Are My Forever and Always.
  26. You Are My Sun, My Moon and All My Stars…
  27. Like the Ocean Find the Shore, I’ll Always Find You.
  28. You’re All Mine & I’m Not Sharing.
  29. Love Is a State of Being in Which All Problems Are Resolved.
  30. Seeing You Makes Me the Happiest Person Ever.
  31. I’ve Never Loved Somebody as Much as I Love You.
  32. If You Really Love Someone, Even If There Were a Million Reasons to Leave, You Would Still Look for the One Reason to Stay.
  33. Some People Hold a Special Place in Our Heart. No Matter What, They Just Can’t Be Replaced.
  34. I Hope You Know We’re Getting Married One Day.”
  35. You’re What I Want and Nee.”
  36. No Matter How Much I Say to You – I Love You,
  37. I Always Love You More Than That.”
  38. I Will Never Forget the Moment I Realized I Loved You”
  39. I Love You with Every Beat of My Heart.
  40. You Are What I Want and Need.
  41. All That You Are Is All That I’ll Ever Need.

Love Quotes for Him

  1. Love Is All About Sacrifices to the One That You Love.
  2. You Are Mine and Will Remain Mine
  3. A-List of Reasons Why I Love You: 1st Is You Are You.
  4. I Need a Hug, Well Actually, I Need Your Hug.
  5. You’re My Favorite Person Being with You Makes My Day
  6. I Am So Happy That I Found You in This Messed Up World.
  7. I Think I Love You
  8. a Little Bit More every day
  9. I Can’t Imagine a Life Without You
  10. Love Is a State of Being in Which All Problems Are Resolved
  11. A True Love Will Be Willing to Do Anything for You.
  12. There’s No Place I Would Rather Be Than Tangled in the Sheet with You.

Love Quotes for Her

  1. I Know She Is Cute but She Is Mine Only
  2. You Are Vibrant, I Am Dark.
  3. You Are Solance I Starve.
  4. You Are Mine and Will Remain Mine
  5. I Will Love You Imperfections with My Imperfect Heart.
  6. You Are My Oxygen: the Only Air That I Could Breath In
  7. Come Fall in Love with Me
  8. I Am with You. No Matter What Else You Have in You Head I’m with You & I Love You.
  9. Your Eyes Stole My Words Away
  10. Your Message Is Not a Just Message, It’s My Happiness:)
  11. I Always Care for You.

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