Quotes By Mumbiker Nikhil – Indian Youtuber | Best of Mumbiker Nikhil Quotes

Quotes & captions By mumbiker nikhil
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Quotes By Mumbiker Nikhil – Indian Youtuber | Best of Mumbiker Nikhil Quotes

These quotes are by Mumbiker Nikhil we found these quotes in his video and we love to share these quotes from out platform with his fans. He is a 28-year-old handsome guy who loves to and share his life experience with his youtube subscribers.

Quotes & Captions

world is beautiful place. It’s we humans who are ugly.

If you need miracle to believe in god. You never believed in GOD.

If you don’t have few hatters you are probably doing it wrong.

Life is about 90% struggle and 10% fun. More the struggle later moe the fun.

Never let that kid inside you die. Be curious, Be amazed, Be You.

There are people who live & Then there are people who enjoy living.

Winning easy is not winning. And sometimes loosing is a part of winning.

Don’t focus so much on negativity. There is always a positive side to everything.

Make right friends and follow the right person. that will shape you.

If used correctly, “SMILE” can be a very dangerous weapon.

The grudge you are holding today will become a cancer tomorrow. LEAVE IT

Start from somewhere, anywhere. Just start. Don’t worry about the end.

Time from puberty to Maturity will be the best time of your life. Embrace it

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Always try to be with people who is more hardworking than you.
It might hurt your ego but boost your talent.

Going through a heartbreak is painful but remembering it after ages is comedy.

Never leave the person who handles you when you are angry. NEVER

Apni soch se ameer bano. paisaa to koi bhi kama leta hai.

Sometimes keeping your mouth shut is the best answer.

you are a better version of your parents. Look at them and learn.

Keep pushing yourself to do new things.
That way your soul will stay young forever.

Money if not used to fulfil your dreams is just paper.

Do things what you want to do and not want the world to watch.

Whatever you do or earn between the age of 21 to 31 will shape you for the rest of your life.

Mehenat itni kro ki “Mehenat” ka example he tum ban jaoo!!!

The most expensive thing you have as a young person is TIME.
Spend it wisely once it’s not coming back.

Things will go down in life but you have to learn to bounce back.

The reason its not easy because not everybody ment to do it.
It takes alot of sacrifices to achive something big.

Tell the world what you have learned but always keep the winning move a secret with you till the very end.

Section 3

Tell the world what you have learned but always keep the winning move a secret with you till the very end.

There are stars that are born. And then there are Stars who are made.
Audience are the one who makes them.

There is no bigger happiness to make your parents proud or for them to make their children happy.

Do it because you want to do it and not because someone wants you to do it.

Focus less in the past and more on the future. Cause that will decide your present then…

A perfect life has to go through a lot of imperfect time to be perfect.

You are way smarter than you think you are.
You just need to tell yourself to never stop learning.

Sometimes the one who punishes you love more than the one who shows they love you.

The day you stop learning is the day you stop growing.

Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean you should never try.

When things go bad, find the adventure in it. that’s the moment you will remember forever.

You are born to do much more than getting married and having babies. Make your life worth living.

Fear sometimes stops you from seeing the real picture.

It is easy to get inspired by someone’s success and not from their failures.

Peoples not interested in the story. They are interested in the drama.

Section 4

Fear can get the worse out of mankind. Be responsible & Help each other.

The world should be improving but it is becoming worse.

When you play with nature. You are playing with your Future.

If this doesn’t end MEN trying to be god or fight over their.
Good luck for the next one.

You can get satisfied with success but you can never get satisfied with fame.

This generation will be the most depressed generation.
They live to please mankind and not GOD.

You don’t lose when you fail. You lose when you give up.

Be happy with what you have today. You might lose it tomorrow.

Unsuccessful people mostly blame others for their failures.

About Mumbiker Nikhil Quotes

We have gathered these quotes from his video and we believe he shares these quotes from his own life experience. we want to appreciate and thank him for sharing great content and life experience with us. If we talk about his life journey by birth he is from Mumbai, letter he grows up completed his hotel management and join Qatar airways. After the Qatar airways, he decided to switch his profession and switch his and become a YouTuber. You can read more about his life here.

Who is Mumbiker Nikhil?

Mumbiker Nikhil is an India youtuber by proffesion and choice. Word from his Name “Mumbiker” which means people from Mumbai & Nikhil Sharma is his real name.

How mumbiker nikhil quotes are best?

He is a great person by heart & presents himself in his vlogs as a normal guy and you get positive vibes only from his vlogs. His quotes are best because you will find everything in it – these are motivating, self-motivating & more.

Short Quotes On is the Best Website to find quotes on any topic you want and to make your conversation fruitfull through quotes and here we are adding new ideas every hour. NOTE: few quotes you find above are inspired from many sources If you find this useful make sure to share this on the platform you want and If you need quotes on anything comment section is open for you to ask us.

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